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First Aid at Work "+F" Forestry Worker Modules

Forestry Work Celox Gauze

The "+F" forestry first aider module is a bolt-on module for those with an existing First Aid at Work qualification, and builds on your existing qualifications, to provide additional skills and experience in areas deemed to be required by the Forestry Commission and other employers when working in remote areas such as the forests, and with high risk equipment, such as chain saws or heavy felling machinery.

If your risk assessment and first aid needs assessments have identified these risks, you must make provision for your first aid trained staff to deal with the likely injuries appropriately.

In June 2016, the Health And Safety Executive (HSE) formally announced in their June 2016 First Aid ebulletin that they support the use of items such as Haemostatic Dressings and Tourniquets in appropriate workplaces, such as forestry and agriculture, following the introduction of these into first aid techniques by the European Resuscitation Council in October 2015.

Where workplaces are remote, a serious injury leading to blood loss could prove to be fatal if not controlled rapidly, and as first aid and technology has moved on, so have treatment methods.

Our trainers at RescueSkills have been trained by the industry leading manufacturers of haemorrhage control products to deliver appropriate training to those seeking these skills, and we will always also aim to provide a trainer who has a good working knowledge of the environments you are working in.

The training for these modules is usually held for clients upon request, and we do not often hold "open" sessions. Please ask if you require this module as an individual, as we may be able to arrange a session for you.

Course contents

The First Aid at Work "+F" Forestry module covers the topics required by the Forestry Commission as a minimum:

  • Severe chainsaw cuts (more normally described in medical terms as catastrophic haemorrhage, or catastrophic bleeding)
  • Crush injuries (this would have been covered on one of our first aid at work courses already, but it is revisited on this module)
  • Hypothermia
  • Lyme disease, and dealing with tick bites specifically

Course duration

3 hours tuition time (approx) not including breaks, typically over 1/2 a day.

Pre-requisites for attendance

In order to attend and qualify on our "+F" Forestry module course, the learner must hold a current (in-date) full First Aid at Work certificate or a recognised equivalent (or higher) qualification.


Certificates of competence will be issued following successful completion of this course by the learners. Assessment of the learners skills will be by continuous assessment by the trainer/assessor. Our certificates will clearly state on them that they cover the +F module subjects for "Forestry Context and/or Remote Sites" as required in paragraph 18 of the Forestry Commission's First Aid document.

Certificates are valid for 3 years, with the strong recommendation from the HSE that qualified First Aiders undergo annual refresher courses of at least three hours.

Please note that in order to be awarded a certificate of competence in this course, learners must be able to demonstrate that they are able to perform the relevant skills - it remains the employers responsibility to ensure that learners sent on this course with a view to becoming workplace First Aiders are physically and mentally fit to be able to perform the skills that may be required of them during their duties as a First Aider*.


Learners may re-qualify their First Aid at Work "+F" Forestry Module qualification by attending another First Aid at Work "+F" Forestry Module course.

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* Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 - Guidance on Regulations", HSE Document L74, Regulation 3 - Section 55

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