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Fire Safety Course (includes Fire Warden and Fire Marshal roles)

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The RescueSkills Fire Safety Course is designed for businesses to be able to help demonstrate compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which states that businesses must take responsibility for their own fire safety, including identifying or appointing Responsible Persons, drawing up Fire Safety Risk Assessments, appointing Fire Wardens and/or Fire Marshals as appropriate, and maintaining adequate processes to evaluate/review any fire risk reduction measures implemented.

The RescueSkills Fire Safety course will give learners the knowledge and practical skills to make their workplaces safer in respect of fire. Statistics show that a significant number of businesses suffering a fire or other disaster will not survive the effects it has on their business for more than twelve months, either through loss of premises, business, data, or just customer confidence. Insurance can replace the material things in a business, but avoiding fires in the first place can protect the irreplaceable things, and so our course takes time looking at ways to protect the business and its employees against the risk of fire.

Even with the best fire safety precautions in place, fires can still occur, and some companies may decide that a first aid approach to fighting fires may be appropriate in order to try to prevent a small fire developing and causing further risk. Our course will look at first aid fire fighting methods, with (where feasible and appropriate) a practical session in using different types of fire extinguishers.

The use of fire extinguishers is never a substitute for evacuating a building and calling for professional help from the Fire & Rescue Services, so our course also looks at procedures that need to be implemented by Fire Marshals in order to perform safe emergency evacuation of buildings.

The trainers delivering these courses are all fully qualified trainers, with real practical experience of fire fighting, and of carrying out emergency evacuation of premises. They have seen first hand the devastating effects of fire, and bring their experience to the training room to ensure that learners go away with the confidence to make their workplaces safer, and also to start considering disaster preparedness for their business.

Course contents

By qualifying on the Fire Safety Course learners will be able to:

  • Identify and comply with key legislation involved in fire safety in the workplace
  • State key statistics from fire related incidents
  • State the chemistry involved in fire
  • Identify common causes of fire in the workplace
  • Identify means to prevent unnecessary risk from fire
  • State key traits in human behaviour during fires
  • State the role of the Fire Warden and the Fire Marshal
    • Assisting with Fire Safety Risk Assessment implementation and reviews in their workplace
    • Liaising with management as appropriate
    • Upon discovery of a fire
    • During emergency drills and evacuations
  • Demonstrate the use of appropriate fire extinguishers

Course duration

4 hours contact tuition time (minimum) not including breaks, typically over 1/2 day.


Certificates of competence will be issued following successful completion of this course by the learners. Assessment of the learners skills will be by continuous assessment by the trainer/assessor followed by a short multiple choice assessment.

Certificates are valid for 3 years with the recommendation that the qualified person maintains their competencies by full participation in their role during each year, for example by undertaking their full duties during statutory fire drills, and documenting any fire risk assessment tasks they have carried out.


Learners may re-qualify their Fire Safety qualification by attending another Fire Safety course during the period of validity of their certificate, or by progressing on to a higher level fire safety certificate.

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