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Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Course

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a key component in the Chain of Survival that can significantly increase a patients chances of survival if they suffer a sudden cardiac arrest. Approximately 80% of patients in sudden cardiac arrest will have a heart rhythm that an AED can often reverse. Every minute that goes by without an AED available decreases the chances of successfully reversing that rhythm by approximately 10%. It is therefore vital that AED's are available to help first aiders in those first few minutes before an ambulance can arrive, especially where response times may be longer, such as large office complexes, remote areas and communities, secure sites, or offshore.

This course is aimed at workplace employees, or members of the public who require training in AED use for the first time, or where an existing certificate is out of date by some time.

Where an AED is present in a workplace, it should be considered to be a piece of work equipment, and as such, under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER), training should be provided to those employees likely to use the equipment. Our training course is designed to give learners the underpinning knowledge on how and why an AED can help in cases of sudden cardiac arrest, familiarisation with the AED, and also plenty of hands-on practice with AED's and Basic Life Support skills. Training in the use of an AED gives the operator familiarity with the equipment, saving valuable time in an emergency, and key safety information that may need to be considered.

The course will give confidence and practice in the emergency life-saving techniques that are required in those first few minutes before professional help arrives.

At RescueSkills we have invested heavily in AED training units, having more available to us than almost any other local company that we know of. This enables us to provide realistic training to learners, normally on the machine type that they will be using in their workplace, and also allowing the learners to experience different types of AED machines, and giving plenty of hands-on practice with the units. We have seen local companies in the past delivering these courses with just one AED training unit for twelve learners, and also failing to provide an appropriate training unit to that available within the company; both issues we consider to be completely unacceptable. In the event that we do not have a suitable unit to that available in your company, we will endeavour to obtain one prior to the course.

Course contents

The course covers:

  • unresponsive, non-breathing adults (CPR)
  • unresponsive, breathing adults (Recovery position)
  • heart anatomy and electrical pathway, and how defibrillation works
  • familiarisation with the AED, and maintenance/installation checks
  • recommended accessories
  • practice with AED trainers using Basic Life Support (BLS) skills on manikins
  • chest pain (suspected heart attacks and angina)


Certificates of competence will be issued following successful completion of this course by the learners. Assessment of the learners skills will be by continuous assessment by the trainer. Certificates are valid for 1 year, in accordance with Resuscitation Council UK recommendations. Please note that in order to be awarded a certificate of competence in this course, learners must be able to demonstrate that they are able to perform the relevant skills, such as effective, safe and prompt CPR, and AED usage - it remains the employers responsibility to ensure that learners sent on this course are physically and mentally fit to be able to perform the skills that may be required of them as a qualified AED operator.


Learners may requalify their AED qualification by attending a 2 hour requalification course which will introduce any changes in protocols, and allow learners to practice their skills and raise any questions/concerns they may have thought of over the last year. Learners wishing to attend a requalfication in AED course will need to produce evidence of their current competency either prior to, or on arrival at the course.

Please note that the contents of this course may not be sufficient in themselves to demonstrate annual skills updating for First Aid at Work courses as they do not cover conditions other than unresponsive patients and chest pains. Bespoke courses covering such skills updates and incorporating AED use can be arranged where required for companies.

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