RescueSkills Website Announcement

Thank you for trying to visit our website.

Unfortunately a few days ago we suffered a catastrophic failure of a hard drive on our server (there was almost smoke coming out of the bearings!), and this has temporarily wiped out our website, and our email systems.

Thankfully, all the data held on the system is safe, as the regular scheduled system backups had worked, transferring the data to other locations, but we are now faced with a rather long task of rebuilding the systems onto the new server.

We already had this server, and had been starting to build it up in readiness to transfer everything over, but had delayed as we knew it was a major task, which would take a considerable time. Although in theory it should be easy to just dump all the data into the new server, and everything works, it is not the case - many of the applications have been updated, meaning that most, if not all of the config files that set up everything are having to be manually tweaked to work.

We need to carry out all this work, and then test the systems and the security before we can re-open our website.

On a positive note, the new server is faster, and has larger capacity, with built in redundancy, so that hopefully things like this can't happen again.  It will carry us forward into the future offering a better service than ever.  It also means that we can finally lay to rest the mystery gremlins that had been plaguing the old system for so long every time the weather got slightly cold, so there should be even less downtime on the sites.  Looking back, the poor old server had been powered up, almost continuously for nearly 12 years - that's not a bad innings for a system.

We hope to be back fully online in a few days all being well, and thank you for your patience.


20/05/2018: Thank you for your continued patience.
Our webservers are basically back together and funtioning correctly - as you will see from this page. We still need to do some work on the database that functions with the website, and some in-depth security testing.
Email systems are now fully functioning and receiving emails again. With the downtime being longer than anticipated, some emails from other servers may have been lost. If you are expecting a reply to an email that you haven't received, please try sending it again now.
Phone systems are fully functioning.